Watch the live TV productions by our Creative Business students!

Watch the live TV productions by our Creative Business students!

06/07/2023 - 11:12

PRJ5 is the flagship live TV production course of our Creative Business study programme's second year.
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Students develop and produce 20-30 live TV shows in Bournemouth (UK) with our partner Bournemouth University, in Flagstaff (USA), with our partner Northern Arizona University, and on our own campus in our TV studio in the Frontier building. Students develop and deliver a magazine-style news show featuring various news packages that they produce locally.

This time, BUas students in the UK produced a show about different types of speed races, namely motorbike, cart, and boat races. Another group is exploring the impact of climate change in Bournemouth.

This is an intensive course, and in the first week, students abroad are challenged to test the viability of their concept, learn to move on when an idea is not working, and, on a personal level, learn how to adapt in a new environment and cultural setting. Teachers support them on their journey. Each batch differs, and coaches understand when to be a little more hands-on - or not.

Want to watch the show? 

You can find Earth on Edge at June 8, 12:30 CET here:

And Shift Gears on June 8, 16:30 CET here: