European marketing week in Paris

European marketing week in Paris

05/30/2023 - 11:07

In the week of May 8th till 12th, 41 students from Austria, Portugal, France, Belgium, Finland joined an international marketing challenge, hosted by Sup de Pub.
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What an amazing week we've had at the CBBC in Paris at Sup de Pub. Our annual competition financed by the European Commission Erasmus program. One entire week dedicated to excellence in commercial communications education. Working on a challenging university project by UNESCO called Green Citizens.  

This year commissioner was UNESCO. Students were asked to design a campaign for the Green Citizens with focus on: how can we create more awareness to the project on the themes ‘Ocean’ and ‘Biodiversity’ and to recruit volunteers for their projects? As it is an intensive program, students were challenged and inspired to come with great insights a creative concept. Within 5 days they present their outcomes to the client on Friday 12th May. It was a challenging and rewarding week! 

Students showed their dedication and creativity and produced some truly impressive outcomes. This could not have been done without all of them bringing their unique perspectives and personalities what makes this an unforgettable experience. This week has showed what the importance is of an international classroom: it puts cultural differences aside, it provides a common international language, it brings teamwork and shared learnings, and this project gives value to the personal, academic and professional life of young talents. This international experience is a key component of education.  

A big thank you to UNESCO for being the client, to Sup de Pub for being the host, to all amazing CBBC student’s within this edition 2023 and lastly to the great staff team with Alexander Duarte from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Lisboa), Anna Vähäsalo from Haaga-Helia (Helsinki), Ann Gemoets from AP Hogesschool (Antwerpen), Hilda Helyes from FHWien (Vienna) and Gilles Nakhle from Sub de Pub (Paris).  

Let’s go for edition 2024!